This is Naomi Bright

Naomi Bright is a half-Brazilian singer/songwriter who writes in the styles Latin Pop, Soul & RnB. Her music can be uplifting with catchy latin beats but also romantic with slow soul vibes. She loves to combine English and Portuguese in her songs.

Naomi has been singing since she was 10 and has often participated in various auditions for talent shows such as ‘The Voice of Holland’ and ‘All Together Now’.
She has been busy writing her own music since 2020 and wants to inspire people. She likes to stand up for the Brazilian ladies in the music world because they rock too!

The first single that Naomi released is called ‘Like That’. After that she released more songs such as her most recent song ‘Sweet Love and Desire’;
A passionate song about love and passion combined with a touch of Soul & RnB.

Naomi Bright will be releasing more songs in the future, so stay tuned! Also follow her socials so you don’t miss anything.